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Our Sreenidhi

A child's mind is like a fertile soil – rich, vibrant with life and eager to absorb all possibilities that comes within his/her way. We are committed to offer the best education to every student. at Sreenidhi it is our Endeavour to create an environment of talented, bright, sharp and who can contribute positively to enrich the nation, and in shortly : if our mind can conceive it and heart can believe it, we can achieve anything. Education is a lifelong process which is to be nurtured with love and care, it must be build on a broad foundation to succeed in future and to excel in all fields. We encourage our students to believe in themselves and their strengths. The school policy is to equip the child with all possible and necessary skills to face the future. Personality development is a tool which the student gains from his/her school which results to confidence, awareness, moral values, social concern, and more into academic to lead successful complete human being and above all a responsible citizen in the coming future.

Meet Our Founder


When I see the students of our school celebrating success, I am elevated. Teachers and Parents are the partners in the success of this institution of education and the life of students. I sincerely thank both the Teachers and Parents for their precious support towords the school. To me education is respecting the pupil. I hope we actively engage children with the world around them exploring, responding, inventing and working things out and making waning to it.


The classrooms are well-equipped with A/C rooms and brightly decorated to exude a feeling of belonging. The teaching at this level is activity based and modern methods of teaching like play way and role play are extensively used for imparting education.


The classrooms and infrastructure have been carefully selected to ensure that the sense of belonging created in the early years carries on with the child as he moves to the junior school. Various co-curricular and extracurricular activities are introduced at this level and the children are encouraged to explore their creativity and individual talent.


The child is also encouraged to develop his interest in specific subjects as per his attitude and potential so that in the later years he may specialize in his chosen areas. The subjects are taught by specialist teachers trained specifically for teaching particular subjects. The curriculum includes English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Sciences, added with abacus and Olympiad basics. We follow the S.S.C with C.C.E. pattern along with IIT & Olympiad Syllabus.


The senior school student must prepare for the first major examination of his/her life, the S.S.C Board Examinations of Class X. At this level, the school will strive to provide a scholarly yet stress-free environment to enable the student to achieve the goals and standards.
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