With Comfortable And Excellent Furniture , Comfortable Seating For 30 Students, Good Display Areas For Students Project Work Etc., Some Of The Classrooms Are Equipped With Digital Classrooms. Each Classroom Also Has A Storage Space For Students To Keep Their books as they are only allowed to take books home as per schedule.
School library is a catalyst for literacy and reading and for teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning. At School, we have multiple no . of books to help students in their learning process updating the students to impart good knowledge with new concepts.
Art & Craft
A Trained Art Teacher Supported By Well Sourced And Quality Supplies Ensures That There Are No Limits To The Child's Creativity Dance, Aerobics, Music-Separate Well Qualified Masters Training. ( For Those Who Prefer, Student Can Select Any One Subject To The Availability )
Available To Distant Places Of The School. An Ayamma Accompanies In Every Bus To Take Care Of The Children While Pick-Up And Drop.
Exploring The Outside Word
Sreenidhi Regularly Organize Class Trips To Places Of Educational Interest, Heritage Places, Entertainment Providing Students The Much-Needed Break From The Daily Routine. Above All, These Trips And Excursions Act As The Medium For Students To Respect And Care For Environment, Appreciate The Gifts Of Nature And Realize The Importance Of Protecting Our Planet Earth From The Dangers Of De-Forestration And Global Warming. The Students Bond Together As They Learn To Take Care Of The School And The Environment, Treating The School As Their Own Home.
Parents As Volunteers
Only When Both The School And Parents Work Together, Learning Goals Can Be Achieved, Therefore Sreenidhi Treats Parents As Partners In Their Children Education.. The School Keeps Upto-Date Happenings In The School Through A Variety Of Ways Like Sms Alerts/Tele Calling/Physical Letters (Any One Of These). Time Is Allocated For Regular Interaction With Teachers In The School Calendar. We Encourage Parents Kindly To Do The Voluntary Work For The School With Advance Information In The Areas Like, Substitute Teacher If Teacher Is One Leave, Technical Expertise, Events Committee Like Krishnashtami, Dandiya, Diwali, Sankranthi Sambaralu, Independence Day, Christmas And Etc.
The Progress Of Very Child Is Evaluated Meaningfully Through A System Of Periodical Assessments. The System Is Designed To Ensure That Every Student Takes Responsibility For His/Her Own Learning, How Effectively They Are Evaluated And How Efficiently They Finally Perform. These Are Done Through Unit Tests/Quarterly/Half-Yearly And Final Exams. The Annual Evaluation Repot Is An Interpretation Of Each Student's Performance And This Report Is Given To All Students At The End Of Academic Year And It Holds The Key To A Student's Promotion To Next Class.
IIT & Olympiad Foundation
Sreenidhi aims to create an environment of teaching more with practical and examples compared teaching so that a student easily grasp and stress free also. The school has the highest educational standards for students. We have adopted different curriculums including CBSE and ICSE for our students eventhough the students through state S.S.C board. By offering these International Curriculum, we make education more flexible and practically useful for future studies and in carrier building. Sreenidhi students will be prepared for Science Olympiad foundation exams like NCO ( National Cyber Olympiad ), NSO (National Science Olympiad), IEO (International English Olympiad), NSTSE (National Science Talent Search Examination) conducted by Unified Council.

Labs & Facilities


School library is a catalyst for literacy and reading and for teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning. At School, we have multiple no . of books to help students in their learning process updating the students to impart good knowledge with new concepts.

Computer Labs and Technology

To meet the needs of the modern age computer education is imparted to students from class I onwards. Well-equipped computer lab with good number of computers (latest configured multimedia systems) is provided for the students.

Math lab

Mathematics Laboratory is a place were students learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify Mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials. In Mathematics Labs activities are carried out by the teacher and the students to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest and develop favourable attitude towards Mathematics.

Physics/Chemistry Lab

A routine visit to physics lab,, engages students mind to acquire skills and confidence. At School, We provide an opportunity to students to manipulate equipment and materials while working cooperatively with peers in an environment in which they are free to pursue solutions to problems that interest them. The knowledge of chemistry at School is not simply transmitted by the teacher, but is developed by the students, themselves, in interactions with the substances and with the teacher. Meaningful learning occurs as Laboratory activities are a well integrated part of the learning sequence.

Biology Lab


Science activities at School helps the little learners of all ages understand important concepts, and these science activities for students give them the opportunity to discover something completely new. Through our High School science activities & experiments, we have many science activities in Lab to keep our student learning on the fly, all year long. It is a well-equipped Lab that gives a good knowledge in visualizing living organisms.


School provides various opportunities for training of students for leadership. The school is further divided into four house systems-Achievers, Winners, Champions, Conquerors. The House name suggests to destine the target.

The four houses not only symbolize high values, but at School, our students are also trained to be messengers of these values, not only within the school boundaries but to take them far and beyond. Inter House competitions form an integral part of the school curriculum.
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